A blueprint for the perfect phone

The perfect phone
Andrew Lim, mobile phones editor of CNET.co.uk, presents us with what he believe is the perfect phone.

“It’s codenamed DUB — design, usability, battery life — and it’s the fruit of years of observations. All the technology I mention in this article is available to use now and the specs aren’t outlandish — I’ve tried to balance them relative to what I think most people want.

Talking to people every day about phones, the four themes that come up time and time again are design, usability, features and battery life. The DUB phone fulfils these four themes in a hopefully straightforward way.

Many of the features I’ve given the DUB phone are currently available on different handsets, but no phone has all of these features — yet. Think of this as a call to arms — can any manufacturer rise to the challenge and make the perfect phone?”

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