A new report on service innovation

Peer Insight
In a world where the vast majority of books and articles about business innovation focus primarily on product innovation, Virginia-based consulting firm Peer Insight has released a breakthrough new report on the emerging area of services innovation, writes Dominic in the Business Innovation Insider.

According to Peer Insight, the post-Six Sigma era calls for new thinking about services innovation, customer experience innovation and design-led innovation. Chuck Frey of the Innovation Weblog highlights several of the findings from the report:

  1. Services follow a less well-defined development path than products. While many firms have developed a systematic approach to new product development and innovation, few of them have developed a structured approach to service and business model innovation;
  2. Because of this lack of a development path for services, successful innovations tend to rely on a strong guiding hand from senior management;
  3. Prototyping, which is a well-accepted way to pilot test new product ideas, has not made the transition to modeling potential new services and business models;
  4. Successful service innovations tend to be firmly rooted in customer experience design – incorporating techniques such as empathic research methods and service artifacts;
  5. Companies that use a single innovation model to deliver both incremental and high-impact innovations tend to get only incremental innovations.

(The report is available by submitting your contact information on the Peer Insight website)

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