Bob Jacobson on ‘composing for experience’

(user) experience design
Bob Jacobson, design consultant and editor of the anthology Information Design (MIT Press, 1999), was a keynote speaker last month at the 3rd International Conference on Information Design (ICID), Curitiba, Brazil.

His talk which deals with “information design, user experience design, designing for experience, and the composition of memorable experiences” is simply excellent and very thorough, and I suggest you indulge in it. Here is just one quote to wet your appetite:

“The natural next step will be for designers of experience to integrate and apply the methods of scoring and wayshowing concurrently. Thus creating places, not only in the physical world but also in the virtual worlds of knowledge and understanding, that reveal themselves in the same way that a musical composition is heard. this is composing for experience.

Halprin and Mollerup describe a new role for the information designer turned a designer of experience: not a tour guide dispensing partial, predigested informaton, but rather as a co-explorer of knowledge with the “experiencer” of knowledge, of situation, or of place via the medium of designed experiences.”

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