[Book] Design of Supporting Systems for Life in Outer Space

Design of Supporting Systems for Life in Outer Space – A Design Perspective on Space Missions Near Earth and Beyond
by Annalisa Dominoni
Springer Nature
November 2020, 224 pages

This book is a rich source of information on design research and solutions for the support and development of space missions. International experiences and researches are presented in order to cast light on the role of space design in improving living and working conditions in outer space and to highlight the particularities of the necessary design skills, taking into account specific requirements and constraints. The challenge facing designers is how to approach environmentally extreme conditions in such a way that they are transformed from limitations into opportunities. The author has herself developed products that have been tested during on-orbit experiments on the International Space Station. Drawing on this unique experience and other case studies, the author proposes a new design methodology for space and demonstrates how the discipline of design is able to generate innovation thanks to the strong capacity of visioning. Ultimately this will lead to the development of further new equipment for astronauts that will facilitate space travel. While the book is intended primarily for students and researchers, it is also of interest for a broad readership attracted by space, innovation, and future scenarios.

Annalisa Dominoni is architect, designer and professor at Politecnico di Milano (Polytechnic University of Milan) where she gained a Ph.D. in Industrial Design for Space in 2001. One specific area of her research concerns living and working in extreme environments and in microgravity conditions. She has developed new design concepts for habitation modules and equipment in order to increase the well-being and facilitate missions in Space collaborating with ASI, ESA, and NASA as well with a variety of companies in the private sector. One of her last projects is a space station for Thales Alenia Space developed in 2019. Dr. Dominoni has been the Principal Investigator of two scientific experiments with astronauts on board the International Space Station: GOAL, Garments for Orbital Activities in weigthlessness, Eneide Mission, ESA 2005, and VEST, Integrated Clothing System for Intra-Vehicular Activities (IVA), Marco Polo Mission, ASI 2002. In 2016 she creates and directs Space4InspirAction, together with Benedetto Quaquaro, the 1st and unique Space Design Master of Science?s Course in the world recognized and supported by ESA. Prof. Dominoni has chaired international symposia and workshops on design for outer space and has written books and numerous papers in scientific journals. She has been the recipient of several prestigious awards, including ADI Design Index and Premio Compasso d’Oro.

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