Book: Mobile Interaction Design

Mobile Interaction Design
"Mobile Interaction Design", a new book by Matt Jones (University of Wales, UK) and Gary Marsden (University of Cape Town, South Africa), covers important issues relating to this ever-changing technology, including, developing interfaces and devices with a great deal of sensitivity to human needs, desires, and capabilities.

This book is written to inspire and challenge designers’ preconceived notions of this marketplace and to convey lessons learned, and principles involved, in the development and deployment of interactive systems to the mobile environment.

The book presents key interaction design ideas and successes in an accessible, relevant way and provides ideals and techniques which will enable designers to create the next generation of effective mobile applications.

It critiques current mobile interaction design (bloopers) to help designers avoid pitfalls and discusses the new applications and gadgets requiring knowledgeable and inspired thinking about usability and design.

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Download chapter 1 (pdf, 2.3 mb, 37 pages)
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