Book: Personal Content Experience – Managing Digital Life in the Mobile Age

Personal Content Experience
Juha Lehikoinen, Ilkka Salminen, Antti Aaltonen, Pertti Huuskonen
382 pages
April 2007

This book takes a personal approach to mobile content management, focusing on the consumer point of view. The authors (all Nokia researchers) consider all aspects from software architecture to end-user needs on mobile personal content, taking a multi-disciplinary angle. The features of the mobile domain that make it special in terms of content management, are highlighted from both the user and technology perspective. Topics covered include personal content characteristics, context-awareness, content management software architecture, metadata formats and user interface design guidelines.

First, the authors discuss the strategic and business impact of this emerging topic, along with guidelines for coping with it (chapters 1-4). Then Lehikoinen et al. present practical ways of approaching the issues discussed in the first chapters, concentrating on the software framework, user interface, and example application concepts that are a combination of the software framework and UI design. They also include some future speculations, and a quick guide for managers. The book combines theory with practice in the form of hands-on examples, application concepts, and software architecture descriptions, including implementation details of a proposed, extendable software architecture targeted at content management in mobile devices.

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