Charles Leadbeater on collective thinking

Charles Leadbeater
Charles Leadbeater is an innovation thinker and a spokesman for collective creativity. In Charles Leadbeater’s latest project, We-think, he argues that mass creativity, mass participation and open standards will be the next big thing. The Danish Innovation Lab just had a conversation with him.

Societies of the future will find strength neither in industrial brawn, in cheap natural resources, nor in research and science. The future belongs to those societies capable of retaining and developing creative human capital.

Seen through the optics of Charles Leadbeater, creativity is the result of dialogue and discussion; and the slipstream makers are those capable of turning things upside down, those capable of identifying new connections.

“If you transfer the creativity of such people to a culture like the one ours is currently developing into – a culture where more people have access to contributing, then you have the recipe for mass creativity – a budding mass-collaborative experience”.

Leadbeater is currently attached to ‘Atlas of Ideas‘, an 18-month research project focused on the development within science and innovation in China, India and Korea.

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