Covid-19 storytelling platforms

The COVID-19 Diaries: A Portrait of American Life Through Pandemic

With this project, dscout, a remote qualitative research platform, wanted to highlight what people – ”delivery drivers, nurses, teachers, students, cashiers, folks like us and our neighbors – are going through, and how they cope and adjust.

This installment of the COVID Diaries was a high-speed, quant-qual mashup. It was fielded on Friday, March 20th to 877 participants from all walks of American life. And it reminded us that while we may not know what will happen next, we can at least learn from, empathize with, and take stock of what is happening.

Quarantine stories

Quarantine Stories is a collaborative platform that collects stories of isolation as a result of home-quarantining in efforts to reduce the effects of COVID-19.

The platform gathers all personal stories of those in isolation, providing a single collaborative resource to support many, in an effort to document the effects of social distancing.

Even in isolation, we are together. Take a picture from your view through your window. Upload it and write your personal story. Write your story in the language you feel comfortable in, but keep in mind that the goal of the project is to reach the broadest audience possible.

Quarantine Stories is a self-initiated project created by RNDR (Utrecht, The Netherlands). Their intent is to turn data into stories to build a collaborative experience in support of communities. This is an experimental project, the next phase of this project is uncharted.