Customising the experience at Illy Caffe SoHo [The New York Times]

The New York Times reports that Illy, the Italian coffee, has opened a new Galleria Illy in SoHo.

It’s a coffee themeland in this temporary experience featuring an art gallery, library, classrooms and espresso bar. Visitors can thumb through hundreds of volumes about coffee, turn to plasma TV to watch a silent 20-minute video about coffee, sit in classrooms educating about coffee or just enjoy international music along with their $5 cappuccino.

Gregory Fea, CEO of Illy’s North American operation says, “People can customise their experience. They don’t feel trapped.” About the “temporary (Sept 15-Dec 15) exhibit, “it a tremendously insightful to sit in the library and on the couch, engaging in conversations with them (customers).

(via Experience Economy Evangelist)

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