Data mines and ideas of time

The boys at design consultancy BERG are prolific this week:

Toiling in the data-mines: what data exploration feels like
by Tom Armitage

“There are several aspects to this post. Partly, it’s about what material explorations look like when performed with data. Partly, it’s about the role of code as a tool to explore data. We don’t write about code much on the site, because we’re mainly interested in the products we produce and the invention involved in them, but it’s sometimes important to talk about processes and tools, and this, I feel, is one of those times.”

“All the time in the world” talk at Design By Fire 2009, Utrecht
by Matt Jones

“What I wanted to talk about today is how we, as human cultures – CONSTRUCTED time, and as a resulted how we, as designers, can DE-CONSTRUCT it and RE-CONSTRUCT it.”

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