David Polinchock on creating a retail brand experience

Ralph Lauren window shopping
In an article in the premiere issue of Marketing at Retail, David Polinchock of the Brand Experience Lab looks at the key developments today in creating a compelling, authentic and relevant retail brand experience.

Polinchock discusses the growing trend of socialisation in the retail space and claims that retail innovators like Starbucks and the Apple stores have boomed because they have created a social space rather than a retail space.

He also writes about the impact of mobile technologies (including cell phone shopping, Bluetooth technologies in billboards, Nokia’s CoolZone and podcasting), and about new display experiences, e.g. with directional sound, interactive user interfaces or holographic projection systems. At the end of the four page article, Polinchock explores some upcoming technologies such as multi-touch sensing, combining the real world with the virtual world, online role-playing games

Download Marketing at Retail (pdf, 3.59 mb, 60 pages – Polinchock’s article is on pages 29-33)

(Note that pages 34 to 38 contain an article on experiential marketing by Jeff Sheets, advertising professor at Brigham Young University)

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