Deutsche Bank Research on life after Covid-19

Konzept is a research magazine published at regular intervals that addresses the fundamental issues driving the world of economics and finance: it provides a platform for Deutsche Bank analysts to share their findings with clients and the wider world.

The 18th edition of Konzept examines 20 different ways in which the world will be different post covid-19. From working from home, to managing seismic industry change, and eventually paying for the astonishing stimulus measures, many difficult questions must be answered. And given the global health and economic backdrop remains highly uncertain, the way we frame the problems is just as important as the way we address them 

Check the summaries on pages 10 and 11 of the pdf if you don’t have time to read everything.


09 Summaries
13 The investment needed in our healthcare systems
18 The case for inflation
21 The case for deflation
24 How will we pay for all that stimulus?
30 The coming Tech Wall and the covid dilemma
36 Undermining global value chains
41 Climate change: “Acute” threats and unexpected parallels
44 How our flying habits will change
49 Online grocery: fad or fate?
52 An occasion for online banking to capture laggards
54 The stockmarket crash and the detail investors have missed
57 What prior pandemics can teach us today
60 Football: The divide between clubs will grow wider
64 Higher e-duc@tion and the future of homework
67 Our new technology habits
70 Cash is not immune to the virus
73 The end of privacy?
75 The future of work from home
80 The end of creative destruction?
83 How the virus could reduce inequality