Digital DIY

The Guardian reports on a study by an “exasperated academic” (Philip Ely, head of the business and community school at the University for the Creative Arts, and a doctoral researcher at the University of Surrey‘s Digital World Research Centre) on the faults in home entertainment technology (iTunes in particular) and on the hours “digital DIY” saps from our daily routines.

Top of Ely’s hall of blame is Apple’s iTunes music software:

“It is not people-centred, but revenue-centred,” he explains. “I’d like it to connect to all devices, managing all of your music, videos and picture libraries without the constant updates, authentications and processor-hungry demands.” Even this IT specialist has suffered iTunes exasperation: “If there was a micro-payment system for every time I shout at iTunes, when it doesn’t work properly or is too slow, someone would be a millionaire,” he says.

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