Discussing the principles for a digital social enterprise

Over the last few months, Franco Papeschi and Tory Dunn of the Vodafone User Experience team have been doing work on a set of principles and guidelines to support the formation of ethical / sustainable social enterprise services.

They were further inspired by the KashKlash project, an open forum and web project focusing on alternative economies in a post-money future.

“Over the last few months, Franco and I have been thinking about what makes a project – a design or service design project, for instance – fall into the camp of social and ethical design. From that we ended up thinking that those categories needed to be enriched further to consider the actual outcome of the thing that is being designed and launched on the world.

Franco met up with the Kashklash crew at Lift09 and a jolly conversation started about how the ideas we were playing with could interact with Kashklash. At the core of the conversation was the nature of value co-creation, both in social enterprise and in a world beyond a monetary economy. During our discussions we found that new ideas of value and relationship are the starting point for defining a shared perspective on how society could evolve through initiatives and action outside of established institutions.”

They have now posted their initial thinking on the KashKlash site and invite those interested to participate in this discussion.

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