e-Qaeda | From Afghanistan to the internet [Washington Post]

[You could call it a less pleasant sort of “experience design”]

The Washington Post’s website features a special report consisting of three in-depth articles, two video reports and various graphics that explore how al Qaeda has become the first guerrilla movement in history to migrate from physical space to cyberspace.

With laptops and DVDs, in secret hideouts and at neighborhood Internet cafes, young code-writing jihadists have sought to replicate the training, communication, planning and preaching facilities they lost in Afghanistan with countless new locations on the Internet.

Terrorists turn to the web as base of operations (August 7, 2005)
Briton used internet as his bully pulpit (August 8, 2005)
The web as weapon (August 9, 2005)
Video reports

(In case this really gets you going, also read Global Guerrillas, a blog by terrorism expert John Robb that focuses on political disruption and “the emerging bazaar of violence,” which visualises the Iraq insurgency not as a traditional military operation, but as a decentralised business process that operates on basic economic and technological principles. In a post last year, Robb even compared the Iraq insurgency to a bazaar that leverages rapid prototyping and swarming principles.)

(via FutureWire)

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