Ericsson’s new ConsumerLab report about the smart citizen

Last month, Ericsson published its latest ConsumerLab report, entitled “Smart Citizens: How the internet facilitates smart choices in city life.”

The study covers 9 cities worldwide-Beijing, Delhi, London, New York, Paris, Rome, São Paulo, Stockholm and Tokyo-and explores how as citizens become smarter, so do the cities they inhabit. The report explores different concepts that will enable people to take a more proactive and participatory role in city life, from digital health monitoring to interactive road navigation and social bike and car sharing.

Key findings (from the press release):

  • When city dwellers use the internet to make smarter, more informed choices, cities become smarter too. Smartphone owners in cities globally are now making this happen
  • Citizens want to use their smartphones to alleviate concerns with health, improve communication with authorities, and navigate urban traffic. As these changes would be retrofitted over existing structures, smart citizens want current players to internet-enable their services

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