Experientia partner jury lead at Core77 Design Awards

Experientia partner Mark Vanderbeeken will be one of 15 international Jury Captains for the inaugural year of the Core77 Design Awards.

The Core77 Design Awards which have just been launched is positioned as “a global design award aimed at recognizing and celebrating design excellence, enterprise and intent.”

“Recognizing excellence in all areas of design enterprise, the Core77 Design Awards celebrates the richness of the design profession and its practitioners. Dedicated jury teams around the world will judge 15 categories of design endeavor with the top professional and student entries winning the inaugural trophy, and Winners, Runners Up, and Notable entries published in the Awards Gallery and across the Core77 online network. “

The award covers 15 design categories – Products, Soft Goods / Apparel, Furniture / Lighting, Graphics/Branding/Identity, Packaging, Interiors/Exhibition, Interactive/Web/Mobile, Transportation, Service Design, Design for Social Impact, Strategy/Research, Design Education Initiative, DIY/Hack/Mod, Speculative Objects/Concepts, and Never Saw the Light of Day – and submissions are due by 3 May 2011.

Interestingly, Core77 has developed an innovative, low carbon impact jury concept:

“Instead of bringing everyone to one location, we took a new approach to assembling the jury, distributing the field globally. No plane fuel, more legroom. Our Jury Captains are based in 13 cities spread around eight countries. Each will recruit four people from their area to form a locally-based multidisciplinary Jury Team. They get to do the judging in their own location, and we’ll provide the snacks. Once their results are finalized and validated, the teams will reconvene for a live web broadcast revealing their Winners, Runners-up and Notables, and the reasoning behind their choices. And they’ll do it all without jet lag.”

Mark Vanderbeeken will be the jury captain of the Strategy/Research category – which is vaguely described as “projects that are predominantly strategic or research focused” – and judging will be done in either Milan or Turin, Italy.

We will soon let you know the fellow judges in this category.

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