Experientia president to speak at User Friendly 2014 in China

Experientia president Michele Visciola is one of the keynote speakers at User Friendly 2014, the annual user experience conference of UXPA China, to be held in Wuxi, China, 13 to 16 November.

The theme of the 11th conference is the “new era of the experience economy,” thus underlining the importance of transferring UX concepts and practices to industries and fields, and of shifting R&D from a manufacturing-oriented focus to a service-oriented one.

Other keynote speakers are Rong Tao, president of UXPA China and Chief Experience Officer, Ping An Financial Technology Co., Ltd; Sheng Fu, CEO, Cheetah Mobile; Tomer Sharon, Senior Search UX Researcher, Google Search; Alfred Lui, Chief Design Officer, Seer Labs; Melanie Arens, Vice President / Customer Experience Delivery Manager, Wells Fargo’s Digital Channels Group; Vijay Kumar, Professor, Chicago’s IIT Institute of Design; and Lou Yongqi, Dean / Professor, College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University.

Michele will address the topic of why ecosystems in the digital economy should be open and how UX can help different ecosystems to evolve and co-exist by enabling people to cultivate their own stability and aspirations. UX, he says, should not be aimed at “not making people think”, but rather at “making people think better”.

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