Few people use their mobiles for more than calling and texting, research shows

Only 17% of those with a mobile use their phone for anything other than to make calls or send text messages on a daily basis, avoiding the more complex features available according to research from Mobeon.

The NOP Omnibus survey interviewed 999 nationally representative adults in Great Britain aged 15+ via telephone between 26-28 August, 2005 was conducted on behalf of Stockholm based mobile messaging company Mobeon. It found that, on a daily basis, advanced services such as call diverts, picture galleries, calendars, MMS, email or web access are left untouched by all but 17% of mobile users.

Mobeon concludes that, although the services may be clearly explained in accompanying manuals, users often do not understand the purpose of additional services and therefore do not feel any need to learn how to use them. […]

The research also found that only half of all adults feel that operators understand what features customers actually want. This figure decreases with each age group. Only 23% of those aged over 55 believe that the carriers understand their needs.

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