IDEO on mobile and human-centered design

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The Mobile Behavior blog interviewed Robert Suarez, a senior portfolio lead in the Consumer Experience design (CXd) group at IDEO.

With a background in User experience design and human factors research, he has experience working on generative, evaluative, and experiential research programs to better understand and develop insights about human behavior in the environment in which people live, work, play, and learn.

“Recently, IDEO has been focusing on how something as personal as the mobile phone has the ability to change behavior. In many cases, a mobile phone is the only device that accompanies a person throughout his or her entire day, giving it great potential to influence behavior. Devices can learn with users, too: They’re adaptable and able to collect data and recognize patterns.

Everything from feedback loops to something as simple as a regular SMS reminder to exercise can shape the way we live. Small behavioral changes — eating a little less, walking a little more, connecting with friends and family in small but meaningful ways — can translate into profound changes at a personal or a societal level.”

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