Intel’s People and Practices Research Lab engages the techniques of social science (including anthropology and ethnography) and design in order develop a deep understanding of how people live and work. This knowledge is then translated into insights for guiding corporate strategy and technology development.

Research projects include Inside Asia, The Next Ten Percent, Global Homes, Mobility, Small Business and Proactive Health (each of these pages provide comprehensive project summaries and link to downloads of longer papers).

Other recent papers can be found in Technology@Intel Magazine:

Designing technologies for growing families (pdf, 47 kb, 7 pages)
by Brooke E. Foucault, design researcher, Digital Enterprise Group, User Centered Design Team
August 2005

User-centered research fuels technology innovation at Intel (pdf, 265 kb, 10 pages)
by Herman D’Hooge, innovation strategist, Desktop Platforms Group
April 2005

Future vision 2015: building a user-focused vision for future technology (pdf, 51 kb, 6 pages)
by Uttam Sengupta, principal engineer, Systems Technology Lab
September 2004

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