Interfaces Magazine
Thanks to Vodafone’s Anxo Cereijo-Roibas, I just discovered Interfaces Magazine, a quarterly magazine published by Interaction, the specialist HCI group of the British Computer Society (BCS).

Interaction provides an organisation for all those working on human-computer interaction – the analysis, design, implementation and evaluation of technologies for human use.

The latest issue is devoted to HCI and Social Networks.

Here is the table of contents:

  • Editorial
  • This issue’s guest columnists
  • Reflections – John Knight
  • View from the Chair – Russell Beale
  • Challenging HCI practice – Yvonne Rogers, Abi Sellen, Tom Rodden & Richard Harper
  • Exploring the Facebook experience – Jennefer Hart
  • ‘All my people right here right now’ – Airi Lampinen
  • Social software in education – Shailey Minocha
  • Location based applications – Sebastian Meier & Thomas Hirt
  • Evaluating location aware games – Rod McCall
  • Whose job is it anyway? – Tom Stewart
  • (re)Actor3 – Jennifer G. Sheridan, Nick Bryan-Kinns & Tom Lloyd
  • Create 2008 – Tony Rose
  • Pastiche Scenarios – Mark Blythe
  • My PhD – Lorisa Dubuc
  • Book reviews – Shailey Minocha
  • Profile – Daniel Cunliffe
  • HCI Executive contact list

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