Interview with Motorola UX designer Hwang Sung-gul

Hwang Sung-gul
The Korean partner newspaper of the International Herald Tribune today published an interview with Hwang Sung-gul, the creative designer of mobile devices at Motorola Korea, about the thinking and work that goes into designing a mobile phone.

Gul, whom I had the great pleasure of meeting a few weeks ago, is also in charge of Motorola’s Consumer eXperience Design (CXD) center in Seoul, Korea.

“It’s the only CXD that exports its design – its own intellectual property – to other countries like the U.S., China, and Europe. Our excellence in design comes from adopting the strengths of American-style design – which tends to be strategic – with those of European-style design, which tends to be more story-oriented. We engage in what we call “cyclical procedures,” which is shuttling between those two approaches.”

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