It’s design, not technology [EE Times]

It seems engineers and programmers are discovering the importance of user experience and understanding the “invisibility” of technology:

“It appears as though the cold, soulless world of submicron silicon geometrics and robotic place and route iterations are giving way to a warmer, fuzzier engineering realm in which designing for the human
experience is trumping the engineering ego trip.

Design, not technology, has captured the consumer’s imagination, as anyone who has twirled a fingertip around iPod’s elegantly simple dial pad can attest.

Silicon and software technology are becoming transparent and invisible in today’s computer and communications media-intensive world. It’s an environment in which “invisible facilitation” is rapidly emerging as the design rule of the day.

From the perspective of computer science, communications and electronic engineering, the design of human interfaces, as opposed to technology, has never been more important. Enter Margaret Mead and the notion that the social sciences and humanities are emerging as bedfellows to science and technology, especially in today’s electronic-intensive media culture and society.

As technology, culture and media converge, designers of all stripes, including electronic engineers, are being compelled to take a “cross-disciplinary” approach to product design.”

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