“La realité augmentée”, and other Paris 2.0 themes

Paris 2.0
Tomorrow I will be speaking at an informal, but high energy Paris conference, called (somewhat predictably) Paris 2.0.

The conference takes a total of four days, and is attended by a young, edgy French crowd. I am unfortunately only here for an afternoon and a morning, and arrived in the middle of a session devoted to marketing themes – which is not my greatest passion.

One little gem in this fast paced environment was a short presentation by Sonia Hecquet, who is responsible for interaction design at SQLI/la machine créative, a small French agency. Sonia is greatly intrigued by gestural interfaces and augmented reality tools, and gave her audience a high level overview of the latest developments in the field (which I hope to share with you later).

More to follow tomorrow, when the focus will be on design.

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