Lean and user experience, again

When anthropologist Natalie Hanson was asked last year to contribute to a new book called The Handbook of Business Anthropology, edited by Rita Denny and Patty Sunderland (who also wrote Doing Anthropology in Consumer Research, 2007) wrote a chapter about Lean and User Experience, because she feels that this is a critical trend for user experience professionals to understand.

As a sneak preview to the chapter, she shares (an earlier incarnation of) the methods part of the chapter.

Natalie Hanson is a trained anthropologist (with PhD from Temple University) working in the business world. Currently she is the Associate Principal for User Experience at ZS Associates. In her previous role at SAP, she served as a global Senior Director of Strategic Programs and User Experience in the Operations Board area. She founded the acclaimed anthrodesign listserv in 2002. Now in 2013, the list has nearly 3000 members (including social scientists, designers, and many others) who engage in dialogue both online and in person at local gatherings.

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