Making next popular cellphone can be study in psychology

The International Herald Tribune has published an article on why it has become more important than ever for mobile phone manufacturers to understand the psyche of consumers and why they pick one phone over another.

But the solutions seem disparate and not necessarily on the mark. The article describes how LG Electronics begins by asking focus groups to keep a journal, jotting down feelings about features they like most, and how LG executives regularly attend home and design shows looking for broader trends in popular culture; how a panellist at a recent industry conference suggested that cellphone makers tap into consumers’ neural networks, while another said they should understand their subliminal needs; and how Nokia designers and researchers got together a few weeks ago in a three-day retreat to discuss consumer behaviour, in order to tell Nokia’s top executives not only what consumers will want next year, but 3 to 15 years from now.

According to one commentator, this article shows how clueless and far off the cellphone makers really are.  

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