Making sense – design for well-being

The theme of this doctoral dissertation, entitled “Making Sense – Design for Well-being” is the design of IT artefacts for increased well-being in the home.

The goal of this publication, written by Sara Ilstedt Hjelm at KTH, Sweden, was to provide a better understanding of the coupling between design and health, and to give examples of how to design for increased well-being. The context for the investigation was the home, and various research initiatives in smart homes and IT-supported care.

The empirical work reported in the dissertation consists of four case studies related to IT artefacts for well-being. The case studies include field studies, critical analysis, design concepts, prototype building and evaluation.

Based on the findings in these studies, four considerations for design of interactive systems for the home are suggested: design for understanding, for detecting and managing of errors, for disabling and for alternative coping.

Download dissertation (pdf, 3.8 mb, 211 pages)

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