Making the New York Times online experience simpler and more useful

The new New York Times
The New York Times launched a modest redesign over the weekend and it does a great job of presenting large amounts of information in a coherent, organised way.

Leonard M. Apcar, the New York Times editor in chief, writes: "Our goal when we set out to redesign The Times Web site more than a year ago was to make experiencing The New York Times online simpler and more useful."

Khoi Vinh, who worked on the project, discusses the work on his blog:

"[It is] a great example of how to evolve a user experience rather than reinvent it: the best reaction it could receive from readers (those not among that vanishingly small subset of the general populace who can be called ‘design savvy’) would be something along the lines of “The new design looks just like the old design."

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