MobileActive | cell phones for civic engagement

As with all previous leaps in technology, cell phones are used to empower organising efforts (just like early campaigns using printed materials, TV, radio, fax, email, web, etc.). The time has come to recognise the power of the cell phone as an organising and campaign communication tool.

A handful of visionaries and activists are convening a working session of global activists, communications staff, technology experts and foundation staff to exchange a wide variety of experience, expertise and vision.

The goal is to shorten the learning curve and accelerate the use of cell phones as a successful tool in campaigns, human rights efforts and field organising.

The “MobileActive” convergence will develop new guides for campaign planners, communications staff and technology staff. Case studies from the field will be explored and a short list of recommendations will be developed for funders interested in supporting campaigns and issue organising that use mobile phones as an engagement tool.

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