Motorola director of customer experience design lecture

A local Illinois newspaper has an exclusive report about a talk by Jim Wicks, Motorola’s corporate vice president and director of consumer experience design, at the University of Illinois.

Wicks spoke at the UI in connection with Designmatters, a campuswide lecture series organized by the School of Art and Design and sponsored by the provost’s office and the colleges of Engineering and Fine and Applied Arts. The series explores the interdisciplinary mixing of design, engineering, technology and business to create innovative products and services.

“When Wicks, who formerly worked for Sony, talks about “convergence” in mobile phones, he isn’t necessarily talking about the devices taking on more general-purpose computer-like and multimedia functions, although he obviously sees that happening.

He also sees convergence as meaning the successful marriage of the phone as an object of self-expression and the phone as an object with a utilitarian purpose – or, more accurately, purposes – in our lives.

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