New technologies and the ergonomic risk to users

Repetitive motion injury
In a long story on “Occupational Hazards” Cynthia Roth points at the ergonomics risk factors of new technologies.

Her article covers a range of fairly conventional ergonomic problems, such as repetitive motion injuries, awkward posture, excessive strain, damage to bloodstream or lungs, mental overload and occupational stress that might occur when working with computers, Blackberries, telephones, automotive technology and nanotechnology.

Roth concludes:

“With the advent of new technologies and their acceptance into a variety of industries, ergonomics assists in creating specifications for designs that “fit” the end users. Ergonomics helps create appropriate training modalities for learning new technologies. Ergonomics can impact work organization by adding to efficiency and reducing errors and waste. Ergonomics can identify risk factors to reduce workers’ compensation, disability costs and lost work time costs. Ergonomics leads to the design of workstations and accessories that are comfortable, and helps create new designs for products, equipment and tools that enhance productivity.”

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