Nokia in trouble? How fast can a mobile device giant react?

Fascinating and seemingly very realistic tale on the potential of Nokia (and other device manufacturers) to be able to react to the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, based on the time frame of their product development cycles.

“When the iPhone was announced (January 2007), an analyst friend of mine calculated the competitive response from Nokia, based on his understanding on how companies of this size in this industry in general are able to change. For the purposes of this article, we tried to revisit the prediction to update it with anecdotal evidence. So far there has been seemingly little activity that has affected the trajectory. Or are we missing something?”

Conclusion: First products that are roughly comparable with iPhone version 1 will begin shipping in 2014, but the capabilities to compete effectively as a platform will only be in place by 2019.

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(via Niti Bhan)

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