On using design to influence behaviour

Design with intent
Dan Lockton of Brunel University (UK), who runs a blog called Design with Intent, which focuses on strategic design that’s intended to influence or result in certain user behaviour, has posted some very worthwhile student project examples:

Some interesting projects (Part 1)
Some projects address the relationship between design and people’s behaviour in different situations, and some explicitly aim to influence what people do and think. Featured projects:
Displacement Engine by Jasmine Cox
Source by Oliver Craig
– How Long? Door Knob and Tag, and Whose Turn? Bottle Opener by Kei Wada

Some interesting projects (Part 2)
Following on from Part 1, here are a couple more very interesting student projects linking design and behaviour. This time, both involve providing feedback on the impact or costs of everyday behaviours in order to get people to think. Featured projects:
Tio by Tim Holley
‘Lehman’s Inheritance’ by Alexander Kirchmann

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