Optimising the e-business experience

From an article in the E-Commerce Times:

“In today’s business world, losing any customer or partner is expensive and unnecessary. It costs up to 10 times more to acquire a customer than to keep an existing one, according to Gartner. Today, customers and partners must be at the center of your organization’s business strategy — a strategy that provides consistent, personalized customer experiences at all touch points.”

“Today’s global enterprises must optimize their web sites to maximize the power of the Web to drive business and increase sales. B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (business-to-consumer) web site design, usability and content are the top considerations as companies focus on success and satisfaction ratings of the customer and partner experience.

The customer and partner experience has become increasingly important in recent years because of growing competition across all sectors. People won’t hesitate to go elsewhere if they are not getting the kind of service they want, whether online or offline.

Therefore, a consistent approach and smooth execution of the buying experience is crucial for retaining customer loyalty and ensuring that brands are enhanced by a positive experience rather than damaged by inconsistencies.”

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