Philips Design CEO on people as a source of breakthrough innovation

DMI, the Design Management Institute, has just released a free pdf download of a Spring 2005 article by Stefano Marzano, CEO of Philips Design, entitled “People as a Source of Breakthrough Innovation”.

“The product visions are startling—jackets with cell phones and MP3 players, multimedia furniture, a radiography department where patients design the scanning experience. With these and other examples, Stefano Marzano articulates Philips Design’s human-centered techniques for exploring the frontiers of creativity—strategies that blend an in-depth understanding of markets, the firm’s special competencies, and the interface with customers.”

Marzano is also the keynote speaker at the 10th European international conference on design management, taking place in Amsterdam, March 29-31. Other speakers include Christoph Böninger of designafairs Europe and the brilliant mobility design strategist Raymond Turner.

Download pdf (204 kb, 8 pages)

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