Philips unveils innovative Lifestyle Home prototype

Philips Lifestyle Home
Philips’ Lifestyle Home presents “a vision for the future of connected living that embraces a diversity of tastes, habits and needs.”

“Three experience prototypes – each targeting a different type of person or persona – illustrate how a family of solutions can be adapted to support many different lifestyles.”

“Lifestyle Home exemplifies how different electronic devices can be adapted to allow people to select, tailor and enjoy their digital media and connected experiences in the way they desire, and fitting with their own situation.”

“The prototypes focus on the three key user experiences of easy personalization, intuitive use and content flow, and center on a television navigation screen. The television-based ‘lifestyle home menu’ acts as a personalised window onto local, online and broadcast content and services.”

“The starting point for Lifestyle Home was a clear focus on user experiences. We involved participants throughout the design process, helping develop solutions that are better attuned to people’s needs and abilities and that make sense in their everyday lives.”

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