Positive user experiences at Google

John Zeratsky, senior designer at YouTube, and Matt Shobe, staff user experience designer at Google, gave a talk at Google I/O, the annual web developer conference, on “creating positive user experiences”.

“Good user experience isn’t just about good design. Learn how to create a positive user experience by being fast, open, engaged, surprising, polite, and, well… being yourself. Chock full of examples from the web and beyond, this talk is a practical introduction for developers who are passionate about user experience but may not have a background in design.”

John Zeratsky is a senior designer at YouTube. Prior to that he was a user experience lead at Google, focused on the company’s suite of advertising products for agencies. From 2005 through 2007, he helped create FeedBurner, which was acquired by Google in June 2007.

Matt Shobe is a staff user experience designer at Google whose work centers on services for publishers. Prior to Google, Matt was a co-founder of FeedBurner and led user experience design efforts there and on two prior startups with the same team.

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