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Ready Nas
Riyad Emeran wrote a thought piece in Trusted Reviews on what matters to people:

“The thing about technology is that the vast majority people out there don’t really care about it. Despite the fact that those same people wouldn’t leave the house without their mobile phone and iPod in their pocket, they don’t care how those devices work, they just care about what they can do. And it’s that ubiquitous nature that makes a technological advancement great – the fact that people don’t see the technology, they just see the benefit.”

The writer then makes a case that NAS, Networked Attached Storage, is the next big thing:

“A RAID enabled NAS appliance is the type of device that the average consumer will never understand, and never want to understand. But one thing’s for sure, the benefits that such a device brings is obvious even to a tech novice, and if more consumers knew about those benefits, consumer NAS boxes would be flying off the shelves.

Will NAS appliances actually be the next killer convergence technology? I think so, and so do some big companies like HP, Acer and Netgear who are trying to make NAS technology more attractive and accessible to consumers. After all, consumers want technology to make their lives easier, not more complicated – something the tech companies forget all too often.”

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