Qualitative Yahoo! research on teens and technology

A brand new Yahoo! and OMD focus group and ethnographic study of 13-24 year olds shows interactive and wireless technologies have unleashed the first global generation to demand personalisation, which, they claim,is changing the advertising and marketing equation.

The study looked specifically at multi-tasking and geographical differences on advertising impacts.

Teens, on average, perform about three to four other tasks while surfing the Internet and two to three others tasks while watching television, the study commissioned by Yahoo and the OMD advertising
agency found.

The study also found that teens in developing countries are more receptive to advertising than teens in developed countries. For example, more than half the teens surveyed in Mexico and China and 68 percent in India agree that advertising is a good way to learn about trends and things to buy. Thirty-five percent or less of teens surveyed in France, Germany and the U.S. think so.

In the two-part study, 16 focus groups and 15 in-home ethnographies in six countries were conducted with teens 15 to 18 and young adults aged 20 to 22. For the quantitative online survey, more than 5,300 respondents aged 13 to 24 participated.

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