Real-time connections are “ambient intimacy,” like in a village

Laura Fitton
In an interview with Nokia’s IdeasProject, social media innovator Laura Fitton talks about the most basic of human connections: our immediate physical community.

This is the kind of intimacy that is built up over numerous ‘unimportant,’ low-level interactions…with the neighbours washing their car, the guy working at the cafe, or the woman walking her dog. It turns out these interactions add up to something very important; they anchor us in the world, and are a critical component to trust and connection.

“Fitton details the profound impact Twitter’s real time connectivity between individuals and their networks is having on how people work and live. The trivial, low-level nature of these interactions is also what gives them their power. Similar to the kinds of exchanges people have in their neighbourhoods, she documents how they work in creating a fabric of trust.”

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