RED: design and socio-economic innovation at the Design Council

RED is a unit at the (British) Design Council that wants to challenge accepted thinking on current social and economic problems by exploring new solutions through innovative design practice.

The unit takes a proactive approach to solving problems and developing new concepts and processes for change. They see their role as to provoke, stimulate, surprise and deliver, within a context that puts people first and is based in the real world.

A small team of designers works with a range of experts drawn from such fields as economics, science, anthropology and psychoanalysis, in partnership with organisations and individuals from the public and private sector.

Through a series of rapid turnaround projects, seminars and publications in collaboration with relevant partners, they aim to provide ahead-of-the-curve insights in the context of government policy in order to make change happen.

Visit the RED website
Read manifesto (PDF, 764 kb)

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