Rotman Magazine: It’s Complicated

Five articles in the current issue of Rotman Magazine, the high-level and thoughtful publication of the Roger Martin-led Rotman School of Management in Toronto, Canada, are definitely worth exploring:

Donald Sull on stubborn mental maps (pdf)
The London Business School professor and author talks about stubborn mental maps and the ‘upside’ of turbulence.

Dan Ariely on the hidden forces that shape our decisions (pdf)
The renowned Behavioural Economist talks about some of the hidden forces that shape our decisions.

Jonah Lehrer on intuition vs analysis (pdf)
The author and Rhodes Scholar talks about when we should go with our intuition, and when we should stop and really think about something.

Sarah Kaplan on the origins of our cognitive frames (pdf)
The Wharton professor discusses the origin of our cognitive frames, and what to do when they conflict with others.’

Nicholas Christakis on the ‘three degrees of influence’ (pdf)
An expert on the social factors that affect our health and longevity discusses how relationships influence everything from smoking to obesity and happiness.

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