Security isn’t just a technology problem – it’s about design, too

We at Experientia have been arguing this for years with our corporate clients, but security is still seen as a tech challenge, and for human behavior, well, there is always big data and machine learning.

Thanks Sally Carson, head of product design and user research at Cisco’s Duo Security (LinkedIn page), to eloquently state the obvious.

I can only say that I consider myself somewhat more sophisticated than the average person to security scams. Yet just two weeks ago I was subjected to an Italian voice scam that was really well executed, and only managed to repudiate it at the very last minute (in Italy, any type of contract changes need to be at least voice recorded, with a formally announced recording immediately prior, and I refused it). It was a triple lesson: a first one in personal humility (clearly, I can be tricked too), a second one in appreciating the sophistication of what we have to contend with, and a third one of understanding that while it didn’t succeed with me, it could very well succeed with many other people.