Service design at Kraft

Moshe Tamssot
Reena Jana of Business Week reports from SXSW on the activities of Moshe Tamssot, Kraft’s VP of New Services.

“Formerly of American Express and G.E., Tamssot was hired about a year and a half ago to help Kraft “transform” itself by adding revenue-generating, Web-based services to its portfolio of food offerings. […]

So far, Tamssot’s division has created the iFood Assistant, a 99-cent iPhone app which launched at the end of 2008. It helps people plan meals on the go—using Kraft products of course. […] Tamssot’s division also works on online sales sites for kitchen goods and recipe sites on, as well as South Beach Diet Delivered and other direct-to-consumer services.

He says that his job at Kraft is to help morph the company by following the lead of tech companies IBM and Hewlett-Packard, which successfully have made the transition away from hardware and more toward service-oriented (and software) strategies to evolve.”

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