Service design tools

Service design tools
Service design tools – communication methods supporting design processes” is an open collection of communication tools used in design processes that deal with complex systems.

Compiled by Roberta Tassi for her thesis at the Politecnico di Milano, the 45 tools are displayed according to the design activity they are used for, the kind of representation they produce, the recipients they are addressed to, and the contents of the project they can convey.

“The thesis investigated the relation between communication design and service design, starting from the observation of the existing practices in the field of service design. The critical points and the opportunities concerning the use of communication tools during a service design process also emerged.

The aim of this website is to share with the (service) design community the results of the research and to build an open platform of knowledge: any comments and suggestions are appreciated.”

(via Design for Service, InfoDesign and Choosenick)

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