Service design video interviews

Marc Fonteijn, co-founder of the Dutch service design studio 31Volts, has been creating quite an impressive roster of video interviews with some of the leading service design players on his Youtube Service Design Show. The goal of the show is to inspire and connect the global Service Design community by providing material for a richer and deeper discussion. We selected a few of the recent interviews.

How to increase the influence of service design
Gilles Rougon, Collective Innovation Catalyst at EDF and Executive Board Treasurer of the World Design Organization (WDO)
16 November 2017
You think Service Design is the new kid in town? Well, Gilles Rougon has been involved in this field since 2000! In this episode he shares how the field has evolved and where it’s heading. We also talk about what’s needed for Service Design to reach its full potential.

Design is a political act
Anne Stenros, Chief Design Officer, City of Helsinki
19 October 2017
Anne Stenros is the Chief Design Officer for the city of Helsinki in Finland. In this episode she talks about her role, the future of cities and why design is by definition always an political act.

What it means for service design to grow up
Louise Downe, Director of Design and Service Standards, Government Digital Service, UK
21 September 2017
New challenges emerge as service design is growing up. The Head of Service Design at the UK government, Louise Downe, talks about how we can sustainable scale service design on an organisational level. And why we need to reconsider the role of service designers in general.

Design is very simple
Hartmut Esslinger, founder of frog design
7 September 2017
Hartmut Esslinger has been a designer since the age of 5. Today he is still concerned with how we can design better instead of more products. Design for reuse, modularity and sustainability. And we also talk about how education needs to change radically.