That Windows 8 experience? Confusing. Confusing as hell

Trying out Windows 8 on the desktop gives a strange feeling, writes Matthew Baxter-Reynolds on The Guardian’s Technology Blog. There’s a solid update to Windows 7, and then there’s a strange interface which jumps context. Plus you can’t join a device to a domain? Whose idea was that?

“Thing is, we have the same thing over with Metro on the desktop. We’re told it’s all going to be fine and dandy but yet sit anyone with any experience down at that thing and the “BLAM! … SWOOSH!” aspects of running classic and Metro-style make this crazy to use on a PC. Yet we’re being told to believe in Sinofsky that is all fine, and all logical (although now I think about it, we’re being told that by Sinofsky), despite the fact that you can touch Metro on the desktop at it and just feel it doesn’t work. It feels like it’s haunted by the ghost of Microsoft Bob.”

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