The case for hiring a “Digital Anthropologist”

James Ingram, chief executive officer of visual content creation company Splashlight, explains why we need digital anthropologists to handle handle, interpret and apply cultural analysis to data and arrive at consumer insight.

Making sense of copious amounts of data in a way that will benefit consumer experience is a problem that most retailers aren’t sure how to tackle. By having a digital anthropologist on the team, brands can understand consumer thinking as it relates to consumer experience as displayed and provided by the company.

Influencing the process of personalizing a customer’s shopping experience is crucial to the overall experience and impression a brand makes. By utilizing data in a way that relates directly to the technologies that consumers are interacting with, personalization can be much more effective and can lead to higher conversions. A digital anthropologist can help to bridge the gap between the information transmitted to consumers, how it is being ingested and how it is coming across to these groups. Content can be much more effective and give brands a leg up in relating to their customers.