The computer as a social tool [International Herald Tribune]

We clearly have a love-hate relationship with digital technology, a new study confirms. We love how easily it allows us – through e-mail, sending photos and exchanging news and information – to communicate with friends and family, but we hate the slowness, the frustration and generally not knowing how to get the best out of our machines and devices.

The study also shows that for many people, regardless of age group, nationality or gender, the technology that revolves around our personal computers is a social tool. We interact with it individually and as a group, and we devote our free time to it. We take pride in our digital accomplishments, and we think badly of those who use technology poorly or with bad manners.

The survey, conducted in September by Benchmark Research for the chip maker Advanced Micro Devices, asked the opinions of some 500 people already comfortable with digital technology in Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Sweden.

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